Radio Radio

Lockdown sessions

Livestream platform and streaming kits

What a terrible year this was for the event industry. Every club had to close their doors since March and haven’t opened since. With our good friends at RadioRadio, we figured that we should give people some light in this darkness.


We developed a Livestream platform to spread the typical RadioRadio sounds over the internet with a set of excellent DJs. Since not all the DJs had the equipment to stream from their living room, we sent a Livestream-package incl, a camera, etc.
7 DIY live stream kits

We developed a platform on which viewers could log in and join the chat. Talk to the DJs and each other. Trow around some hearts and likes and dance their asses off in their living room club.


The club community well received the whole project, and we all hope to see each other soon again in the future at RadioRadio!


The Challenge

Creating easy to use and budget friendly DIY lives stream kits for first time streamers was challenging. Downloadable how to kids with pre packaged streaming software and configs

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